Suzhou Health Insurance Guide

Moving to a massive, fast-moving city like Suzhou can be overwhelming no matter where you are from. Feeling confident about your medical coverage is imperative so that you can get settled into a new place. The experienced professionals at Expat Insurance Suzhou can help you find the right coverage for individuals, families, and groups. Expatriate … Read more

Swimming Pools in Suzhou

Indoor Swimming Pools in Suzhou Suzhou’s hot and sticky summer is just around the corner. One way to avoid the sweaty streets of Suzhou is to lock yourself in an air-conditioned room for the next three months. But we prefer the slightly more social activity of swimming. Here’s a list of the best places to … Read more

BodyFit25 Suzhou

BodyFit25 is Asia’s first EMS 3.0 sport studio located in Suzhou’s new shopping Mall “Harmony City” nearby Times Square. BodyFit25 works with the newest sport technology EMS 3.0 which afford to lose weight, build up muscles and/or relieve pain in an effective, healthy and time-saving way. EMS means Electrical Muscles Stimulation and that means that … Read more

Taichi in Suzhou & Learning Taichi as part of Chinese culture.

Learning Taichi, as one of prevailing sports now, is a profound part of Chinese culture, being the exercise favoured by both domestic and people abroad. Rui Xing Club is the first official club to teach Taichi, and Mr. Liu Yuanyi, the teacher there, is very professional and famous worldwide. Mr. Liu Yuanyi, as the club’s … Read more

Dragonfly Massage and Spa in Suzhou.

Dragonfly Massage Suzhou

Dragonfly is a new-age lifestyle brand and China’s leading chain of contemporary urban retreats, offering high quality massage and nail spa services to busy expatriates, weary of travellers, and sophisticated local customers. Each of the Dragonfly retreats is an oasis of peace and tranquility in the middle of the busy urban metropolis. They feature a … Read more

Live-CS Paintballing in Suzhou

Want to have an unconventional way of exercising? You can find it in Paintball. The Paintball selected Xiangxuehai as its shooting range. With first-class live-cs field battle equipment and professional coaches, you can expose yourself in the thrilling simulated environment and embark on an adventure at various sites. As the largest scale Live-CS outdoor sports … Read more

Suzhou Hot Springs

Whats more alluring and comfortable than dipping yourself in a hot spring when the temperature drops dramatically outside? As a kind of naturopathy, different types of hot springs have different functions for the body. It’s one affordable healthy luxury you can enjoy during the chilling winter months. Being in Jiangsu is such a blessing due … Read more