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BodyFit25 is Asia’s first EMS 3.0 sport studio located in Suzhou’s new shopping Mall “Harmony City” nearby Times Square. BodyFit25 works with the newest sport technology EMS 3.0 which afford to lose weight, build up muscles and/or relieve pain in an effective, healthy and time-saving way.

EMS means Electrical Muscles Stimulation and that means that we don’t work with weights but with impulses. Normally, our brain sends an impulse via the nerves to the muscle to contract the muscles. That’s how we walk, lift weights or do sports. Now, EMS simulates this impulse with our suit and the electrode on the leg and arm. Via our electrodes an impulse is sent to the nerves and muscles in our body. EMS 3.0 means that we can “tell” our nerves to contract the muscles (low frequency) , we can “tell” the muscles directly to contract (middle frequency) or we “speak” to both of them at the same time, which is also the meaning of EMS 3.0 (modulated middle frequency).

It is not at all dangerous for our body, the natural impulses that are sent from our brain to the muscles also consist of electricity – our impulse is absolutely equal to the natural one. Moreover, our machines are made in Germany, where they have been medically approved and declared safe.

EMS training 3.0 makes it possible to lose weight, relieve pain – for example lower back pain – and/or build up muscles and all this in just 20 minutes once or twice per week. The secret is the EMS itself:

With its impulses, the suit and the electrodes on arms and legs, we can reach up to 90% of all muscles in your body. Into a normal gym, you do lots of time-consuming work-outs for your arms, legs, shoulders and so on, but with our training, it’s all done in 20 minutes. Furthermore, our training is healthier and more efficient than normal sports training. You don’t need to lift any weights, which avoids hurting your joints. EMS is also cell-activating. This means that we put your cells in a state similar to their state just before the cell division. Nutrients and oxygen can be better absorbed and waste products are quickly removed. Thus, you are going to feel healthier.

Additionally, EMS trains the deeper muscles layer as well as your complete muscles corset; this is good for your posture and good to combat your back and joint problems.

We have suits, electrodes and our special underwear in all possible sizes. So everyone is welcome to try-out our EMS training 3.0 at BodyFit25. But there are still a few conditions to respect:
You are not allowed to train when you have tumours, fever, open wounds, a pacemaker or during pregnancy. When your doctor says, however, that you are allowed to do it, there are no problems.

EMS training 3.0 is a sports training – but a special one: innovative, healthy, efficient and time-saving!
Carsten Richter
+86 185 5011 9803
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Shopping Mall “Harmony City”
3F, Shop 3270 BodyFit25
Passage between Sky and Forest area
269 WangDun Road
Suzhou SIP

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