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New Family in Suzhou ? Don’t get shocked!

Expats can certainly expect to experience some degree of culture shock in China. On first arrival to Suzhou, the human wave will probably shock you....

Suzhou Police Registration for foreigners arriving in Suzhou

What every foreigner must do within 24 hrs of arriving in Suzhou and living in a place other than a hotel is register with...

Wuxi International Club – China, how to adjust to the Culture Shock

Moving to a new country is always an exciting feeling, no matter if you have decided to study abroad, you are searching for a...

Taichi in Suzhou & Learning Taichi as part of Chinese culture.

Learning Taichi, as one of prevailing sports now, is a profound part of Chinese culture, being the exercise favoured by both domestic and people...

Rock Climbing in Suzhou

For a rock climbing beginner, the best and safest way to get started is to go to an indoor climbing gym. The "rock" walls...

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