International schools in Suzhou, curriculums and admissions for expat students

For expatriate families calling Suzhou home, the city’s international schools offer an array of advantages that make the transition smoother for their children and provide an enriching educational environment. Here are some compelling reasons why expat kids benefit from attending these institutions: Global Curriculum Standards: Suzhou’s international schools typically adhere to internationally recognized curricula, such … Read more

Suzhou New District (SND) and Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP): A quick comparison

Suzhou, often referred to as the “Venice of the East”, is a city renowned for its rich history, stunning gardens, and vibrant economic zones. Nestled in Jiangsu Province, Suzhou boasts two primary economic zones: Suzhou New District (SND) and Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). Both of these zones play crucial roles in the economic development of … Read more

Beijing Duck in Suzhou: Hua Chi 88

Widely recognized for serving the best duck around, Hyatt’s Made in China takes great care in every step of duck production, from how the birds are raised to their arrival on your plate. The result is a duck that looks healthy and tastes light and delicious, with extremely juicy skin. With a seven-ton brick oven … Read more

Suzhou’s Best Tailors

Got a hot date? Business meeting? A special occasion you’ll need to look sharp for? Let Suzhou help you dress to impress. The city may be known for its elegant beauty and pristine canals and waterways but its reputation as a top tailor spot is growing. Renowned for its fabrics and silk, Suzhou tailors have … Read more

Suzhou’s Foreign-Friendly Supermarkets

Shopping for basic groceries and essentials in Suzhou is mostly fuss free, given the many supermarkets scattered around the city. The main problem is if you’re a passionate home cook and fussy foodie longing for authentic tastes of home. Hunting down the right cuts of beef for a weekend barbecue, a free-range chicken for a … Read more

Suzhou Health Insurance Guide

Moving to a massive, fast-moving city like Suzhou can be overwhelming no matter where you are from. Feeling confident about your medical coverage is imperative so that you can get settled into a new place. The experienced professionals at Expat Insurance Suzhou can help you find the right coverage for individuals, families, and groups. Expatriate … Read more

Swimming Pools in Suzhou

Indoor Swimming Pools in Suzhou Suzhou’s hot and sticky summer is just around the corner. One way to avoid the sweaty streets of Suzhou is to lock yourself in an air-conditioned room for the next three months. But we prefer the slightly more social activity of swimming. Here’s a list of the best places to … Read more

Best Hotel Dining in Suzhou

An updated list of best hotel restaurants in Suzhou Your lust for gastronomic adventure might see you feasting on street foods from roadside carts and slurping down hearty noodle soups from dingy alley stalls every once in a while. But sometimes, even foodie thrill seekers need a night off from barbeque skewers and takeaway boxes. … Read more

Amigos Tex-Mex Chimichangas & Burritos

Amigos Tex-Mex now sits along the main strip of Ligongdi, opposite Ollie’s and just a few doors away from Tunnel Bar. The inside of the restaurant resembles an American diner of sorts; the walls are decked out with photos and memorabilia that seem to pay homage to a curious mix of celebrities and movie themes … Read more