Live-CS Paintballing in Suzhou

Want to have an unconventional way of exercising? You can find it in Paintball. The Paintball selected Xiangxuehai as its shooting range. With first-class live-cs field battle equipment and professional coaches, you can expose yourself in the thrilling simulated environment and embark on an adventure at various sites. As the largest scale Live-CS outdoor sports services supplier in Suzhou, Paintball assures you a spacious field and the top facilities you need for an exciting battle.

Different from other sports that only exercises your muscles, Live-CS is an effective way for you to practice strategy and tactical thinking. Many companies organize outings for their staff here to improve teamwork. It also challenges the leaders’ ability, where you can all your team members following your command. However, one mistake might get your people “killed”, Maybe you’ll regard it as a stressful game that only makes people nervous. Actually it’s a special way of letting off steam because you are supposed to be fully focused on the battle. Then as soon as the battle is over, you’ll feel totally relived, bringing you an intense sense of relaxation. The entrance fee for paintball is RMB50 / person and RMB2 bullet ( at-least 50 bullets ) which include all fees for the coaches, equipment, clothing and accident insurance, So not a bad deal, huh?

Whats more, there’s another Guns Club in Suzhou that belongs to the same company where you can shoot with real guns. Standard multi-functional shooting ranges with professional coaches, the Guns club provides target shooting with real guns and bullets for its members.

Live-CS Paintball Add: Yan Ling, Xingxue Temple, Guangfu Town, Wuzhong District.
Guns Club Add: 3051 Xinhuan Lu, Suzhou.

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