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Cycling in Suzhou for leisure, health and fitness.

Along the beautiful Jinji Lake, it's not rare to see a few cyclists passing by like a gust of wind. Look at the professional...

Dragonfly Massage and Spa in Suzhou.

Dragonfly is a new-age lifestyle brand and China's leading chain of contemporary urban retreats, offering high quality massage and nail spa services to busy...

Live-CS Paintballing in Suzhou

Want to have an unconventional way of exercising? You can find it in Paintball. The Paintball selected Xiangxuehai as its shooting range. With first-class...

Suzhou Public Health and Hygiene Information

Pneumonia and Infuenza are common in Suzhou Area. There is also a limited risk of Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Polio, Tuberculosis, Tetanus and...

Suzhou Hot Springs

Whats more alluring and comfortable than dipping yourself in a hot spring when the temperature drops dramatically outside? As a kind of naturopathy, different...

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