The TipTop Club Gym, Tennis, Swimming & Basketball in Suzhou.

Theres a quiet elegant garden club overlooking Jinji Lake in SIP – The Tiptop club. Equipped with an international standard gym, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court and so on, the Tiptop Club is an ideal place for people of all ages to work out. For each exercise there’s a coach instructing you how to do it properly, which can guarantee not only the practice you need, but also minimizes injuries.

Finally, you can take off the heavy overcoat and put on your sportswear to burn calories and fight fat. Pick a sunny day and come to the Tiptop club to work up a sweat, jumping and running as you like in the tennis court. Surrounded by green trees, you will feel the refreshment simply by breathing. For men who want to have a good time with your buddies, the basketball court is inviting you to have fun together. When the excitement of game hits you, it doesn’t matter if your goal shooting is good or bad. The badminton court is where you can take part in the hot sport here. Even for VIP customers, reservations are still required.

Although the Tiptop Club is not a huge place, you’ll be amazed by the complete lineup of top class facilities. Professional people and expats love to come here because of its fashionable environment with enough private space. They tend to indulge themselves in the gym, and focus on high intensity exercise working with the strong beat of the music to relive the stress. But that’s not the only way of building up. No.50 Chamber is a relaxing place for you to enjoy an easy day. When we are out and about, the fast city beat forces you to keep moving, but in here, you are free to slow down, giving yourself a moment for meditation. Actually, doing exercise is not only for keeping fit, but promotes a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude.

Among the various indoor sports, cycle spinning, a unique stationary cycling program is the most popular. The spinning class integrates music and visual effects to create a special sporting experience for customers. By conquering any shortage that the outdoor cycling may have with advanced technology, the spinning has become an aerobic exercise for people aged from 15 to 50. But due to the flashing lights and loud music, people who go there are mostly 20 to 35 years old. Spinning can help enhance the strength of your legs and pretty up the leg shape.

Doing aerobic exercise in water is taking on here, and has won the favour of many women. In water up to your waist, dancing to the music is indeed as romantic as it looks, just like a fairy in the water. The bonus is you can get your body exercised and your mind relaxed at the same time, even though you may not know how to swim.

Furthermore, the newly opened classes of Wushu (Chinese martial arts), Ballet and Latin may enrich your life even more.

Tiptop club is also very considerate of parents with children. When you want to work out by yourself, you can simply send your children to the graffiti room where imagination and creativity are fully appreciated. for those who love reading, all kinds of magazines and newspapers in the reading room can meet different requirements of the members. For those movie and music fans, there’s also a place for you to fully relax and enjoy a good movie or listen to music. Instead of solely emphasizing exercising, the Tiptop Club promotes more of a leisure and health attitude towards live.

Address: Marina Cove Garden, No.1 West Zhongxin Ave, SIP.
Tel: 0512-6936-6668

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