Horse Riding in Suzhou at Suzhou Cherry Blossom Horse-Riding Club.

For those who are looking for a different kind of sport that a gym cannot offer, the Suzhou Cherry Blossom Horse-Riding Club may be the right place to go. Suzhou Cherry Blossom Horse-Riding is located at the White Horse Brook scenic spot in SND, which means fresh air and beautiful scenery.

The picturesque surroundings and convenient location make it the No.1 horse-riding place in East China. As a member of the China Horse-Riding Association, Cherry Blossom Horse Riding Club has a professional staff of 30, many of whom have won national competitions. There’re about 100 horses in the club, all well-bred and well-trained. On the special riding trail, you are allowed to tour around on horseback and take photos. If you think it’s not exciting enough, just look around, the Tank Mountain, Tianchi Mountain, White Horse Brook or Lingyan Mountain… There are plenty of riding routes for you to experience the surge of adrenaline.

If it said that riding a horse for ten minutes is like having one thousand massages. Riding a horse for half an hour is like being involved in a fierce basketball game. Such a calorie-burning sport is very popular now. It doesn’t matter if you can ride a horse or not, as long as you come here, everyone can enjoy the fun of riding. There are also activities for beginners and children with a coach leading the horse to keep you safe. So you can just sit on the horse and let him be led around gently. It’s not a race, but a new approach to a health and upward lifestyle. One the other hand, those skilful riders, you are free to enjoy the passion and speed with other riders.

But Cherry Blossom Horse-Riding Club is more than a place to ride a horse. You can take a rest in the Mongolian yurt or have some tea in the tea house. Feel hungry after a long ride? Come and have some barbecue in the open air. Want to have a get-together with your friends who are also interested in horse riding? The beer and music party is the best occasion for you to enhance your friendship. What’s better than having a leisurely moment after the excitement? Whether you are alone or with your friends or lover, the Cherry Blossom Horse-Riding Club can be your top choice to have a different fun weekend. For families, it provides you with everything you need for quality time together.

What should you wear when riding a horse?
Its getting warmer day by day, so for a strenuous sport like horse-riding a long-sleeve T-shirt with a light jacket is good enough. Don’t assume that you might feel cold riding against the wind, it won’t be long before you work up a sweat. So a heavy coat is not necessary. Remember to wear gloves, for the reins can be a bit hard on the hands, For women, please don’t wear skirts of high-heels. Normally a pair of jeans is simply enough. Or you can buy a pair of riding boots, which will make you look sharp, and more importantly, is convenient for horse-riding. There are a lot of people who are armed to the teeth.

What should you pay attention to when horse riding?
When you first begin riding you will feel awkward and unbalanced. You may feel unable to make your body parts do the things that are supposed to at the same time. You may be using muscles not familiar with the job you are asking. It’s common for beginners. The key is to follow the coach’s instructions and practice. Don’t panic or your horse might feel it and get fidgety too, which is not a good thing.

How to ride safely?
The horses in our club are reasonable well schooled and obedient. And we’ll arrange a coach for the beginner. so your horse-riding is under supervision so you don’t have to worry about falling off the horse. A reminder here, don’t walk behind a horse in case you get kicked. Or course it may kill some fun at first compared to free riding, but horse-riding is a sport that requires practice. When you are accustomed to being on a horse then will come the time for you to learn more advanced skills. So just be patient.

Whats the price for horse riding?
It’s based on the route you choose. For short routes, we ride along the dragon pond, it’s about RMB100 /20-30mins for a medium route, we’re going to ride towards Tianchi Mountain, the trip takes over an hour and the price for that is RMB180; for a long route normally led by an experienced coach who can speak English we ride up the mountain, and thats RMB 240 for over 2 hours. And we have even longer treks where the prices vary. On weekends, we have barbecues, picking strawberries, a campfire and so on, all of which needs to be booked in advance. Sometimes, we will organize activities in other cities to explore more interesting place for horse-riding, We welcome everyone who loves adventure and wants to have a wonderful experience.

Address: White Horse Brook EcoPark (1km meters west to the gate) SND.
Tel: 13338668851

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