iClub Suzhou Wellness Center.

Located at the SISPARK in SIP, iClub Suzhou wellness center has created a fitness culture environment since its foundation in 2008, As a high end fitness club, iClub is devoted to providing a fashionable quality experience to members.

The concept “Wellness” is composed of a health body, vigorous energy and happiness.

When your body is in good condition, you can do whatever you like and won’t be exhausted. When you are able to endure the daily stresses of life, literally nothing can knock you down. When dining is for pleasure and health instead of for losing weight, when working out has become a routine for you, congratulations! You have achieved “Wellness”. It is understandable that people nowadays don’t have enough time for themselves, because family and work are what you’ve been focusing on. iClub wants you to know about “iCare”. Either from the interior decor designed by an Italian designer or the spacious area of 4300m3, iClub is dedicated to creating a cozy and comfortable environment for each member to fully release their tension. In the iGym area, all the up-to-date equipment is imported from Italy, knowing that better quality helps members achieve their goals effectively.

The ergonomic design and multi-functioning machinery makes sports fun and easier.

Fencing & Pilates
iClub is the first club to have fencing in Suzhou, a tense, compelling sport of wits and technique. In the bright room, there are two pistes with a length of 14 meters and a width of 1.6 meters up to international standard.

Protective clothing is provided to guarantee your safety. The members can enjoy the gentlemen’s game that combines entertainment and sports. The professional coach, experienced in teaching new students, has a way of making the boring theories interesting. And what fencing can teach you is more than any other sports. Apart from that iClub is also the first one to have a Pilates bed, which can help you complete hundreds of exercises that strengthen different parts of the body. You may adjust the level of difficulty according to your own condition on the pilates bed. In the meantime, the Pilates special bed makes it easier for learners to do exercises properly, The springs in the bed enhance the way the muscles are worked to achieve the effect of shape-building.

iClub believes that beauty is as important as health. A healthy body is necessary, while beautiful skin and a remarkable aura are also essential factors for perfection. At iClub, women can be treated to a SPA, a mysterious approach from European nobles to alleviate stress and rejuvenate the spirit. iSpa is a private area for women, featuring elegance and tranquility. Equipped with cutting-edge beauty facilities. iSpa will bring you silky skin an the ideal body shape you long for. The natural, pure environmentally friendly products iSpa apply are top quality. Smooth and shiny skin is no longer a dream since iSpa will take care of every detail that contributes to a beautiful body.

With its own parking lot, you can simply come to iClub to relax, meet friends and experience our concept “Wellness” by yourself.

Add: 3/F, 4 International Science & Technology Park, 1355 Jinji Lake Ave, SIP.

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