Rock Climbing in Suzhou

For a rock climbing beginner, the best and safest way to get started is to go to an indoor climbing gym. The “rock” walls at an indoor gym are not really made of rock at all, so its fairly safe. Suzhou Dushu Lake Climbing Gym provides such a place for climbing fans. It includes 350 sqm of boulder room and 10m high climbing wall.

Moreover there is especially designed campus board, which allows us to hold a full-scalewarm-up to minimise the risk of injury. The indoor climbing centre has received nearly 20,000 domestic and foreign fans of this sports from US, France, GB and Finland.

It has also hosted a series of competitions including a National Youth Climbing Competition and World Champion Match, which makes it the city’s centre for indoor rock climbing.

Their friendly coaches all have experience teaching different aged children, meanwhile, they also have the options of different climbing activities, including mountaineering, ice climbing, rook climbing, climbing competitions, etc..

All coaches have passed authenticated examinations on first aid.

They set up teenager and adult training courses, featuring different detailed courses, for example, adult training is available for an introductory course, basics course, middle course and senior course, while teenager training is available primary class, junior class A and junior class B. The general cost is around RMB1500 for 10 classes covering a period of two months.

Different courses have different prices and schedules, so if you are interested in it, just go there or call them to get more information. After having training classes, those who pass the examination will get a corresponding certificate.

Addresss: 2nd floor, Dushu Lake Sport Center, No.1 Cuiwei Street, SIP.
Tel: 0512-6260-3236

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