Suzhou Portland Street Apartments and Expatriate Compound overview.

Suzhou portland street is an expat community located at the centre of SIP, with a little church and American style mote, its full of North-American amorous feelings. There are 21 villas and 4 suites of apartments for rent, and even though it is a smaller community is it a lovely place to live, there are lots of trees, so in the hot summer you can still feel cool.

They provide a series of standard services including an outdoor swimming pool and spa, western breakfast, free-house keeping and cleaning, great outdoor children’s play area and a 24 hour English speaking service hotline.

The villa features are high quality wood framed houses with 3-4 bedrooms, Chinese & Western kitchen, central air conditioning, North-American appliances, washer, dryer etc.. The apartments at Portland street mainly have two sizes:

Type A Size: 62sqm and Type B Size 78.2sqm

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