Kids Concept Launched by the Kempinski Hotel Wuxi.

Graded as a 5-star international hotel located in the largest Commercial Square in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, Kempinski Hotel Wuxi has been providing quality service to its customers from around the world.

The 400 stylish rooms, elegant guest rooms indicate not only a large capacity, but a sumptuous living experience. The restaurants packed with a wide range of cuisines from around the world to cater for every customer’s special taste.

With a comfortable atmosphere that feels like home and the broad platform for business activities, Kempinski Hotel is not a symbol for luxury and high class.

As a grand brand hotel with a long history, Kempinski Hotel Wuxi is endowed with a rich tradition of genuine hotel services, such as a limousine service, business centre, providing city tours and so on. In addition, in order to better meet the requirements of different customers, Kempinski Hotel Wuxi also adjusts itself to the fast-changing times, as well as focusing on every small detail that matters to the customers.

Since more and more parents are willing to take their children out for a meaningful, fun weekend or holiday, there’s been a shortage of special services for children in most hotels. Kempinski Hotel believes that every child is the master of the future, whose needs cannot be ignored either.

So in Suzhou, Kempinski Hotel first launched the Kids Concept to provide customized services to their little guests, and this turned out to be a huge success. Now Kempinski Hotel Wuxi carried on the Kids Concept to offer more convenient and fun services to the children on a larger basis.

The new ideas is to offer a more family-orientated environment to its guests, shifting from its business and corporate image during the workdays, to a more leisurely atmosphere over the weekends and public holidays.

What’s so special about this Kids Concept? Here, your children will be treated as prince and princess, fulfilling their every need. Just take the check-in counter for example. It’s amusing to see a small step attached to it, which allows the little ones to climb up and fill in their own registration card.

By doing so, they’ll be given a passport to open the magic gate of wonder in Kempinski Hotel Wuxi. Collecting and winning surprise gifts at the end of adventure engages the curious nature of the child guests and encourages them to explore Kempinski for fun. During the exploration, they can take a rest by enjoying the dedicated buffet for children at Cafe Berlin, even with a menu designed especially for the little ones.

Kempinski knows what children want and how to make them happy by offering numerous options, like The Kids Club where children can make crafts and apply their imagination and creativity, read a rich selection of children’s books or watch cartoons. The recreational area is a paradise for the little angels, since fun and happiness is always the major theme in children’s life. What’s more, for birthday boys or girls, there will be mysterious gifts sent directly to their rooms together with a customised cake and a birthday card. Their expression of surprise and their innocence and heart-felt genuineness will be reward enough.

That is why Kempinski has enjoyed such a sound reputation for so many years and is still expanding to serve more guests worldwide. Because of the care and thoughtfulness, the concept if making every need of the guests a priority, and the detail-orientated attitude, Kempinski Hotel is devoted to cover every aspect of their guest’s life, from business to family, and it is still working hard on offering more to make people’s stay in Kempinski a memorable experience.

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