Fishing in Suzhou at the Xiangcheng Eco Park.

The Xiangcheng Eco Park is located in the northwest of Suzhou, close to Suyuzhang Highway. It used to be a 7-square-kilometer mud flat that looked like a wasteland.

However, after reconstruction by the government, it is now one of the favourite places for fishing in Suzhou. The picturesque lake view, the authentic food and the botanical gardens provide everything you need for a sound fishing environment.

Different from other Eco Parks packed with tourists, Xiangcheng Eco Park is more like a well-preserved Utopia separated from the outside world. Pick a weekend and take your family to Xiangcheng Eco Park, enjoying a day of returning to nature. There are no factories around, so when you get there you’ll be greeted by the fresh air and vigorously green trees.

Passing through the various plants along the way is a wonderful experience. The plants here grow in a natural fashion, the exotic kinds and shapes amuse you in a way that you can barely feel when looking at the organised plants in SIP.

There are several fishing platforms stretching into the lake, so each one can have their own space for fishing. Take out the fishing rod, throw the hook with bait into the lake, just sit at the side of the lake and wait for the fish to bite.

Under the shape of prosperous trees, the strong sunlight is diminished through layers of foliage. spoil yourself in this beautiful landscape and relish the valuable moment of leisure, something you deserve after a week’s hard work.

If you are lucky enough to catch a fish, then your lunch is set. The chef at the restaurant can cook the fish for you for a few RMB, and the whole family will be able to enjoy the tasty fruit of your labor. Many people who love fishing tend to come here, because there are plenty of varieties of fish. It is regarded as a high standard Fishing Center in Xiangcheng with a lake area of 226,000 square meters which is pretty impressive.

Talking about hard work, there’s also an ecological green land for you to experience the happiness of being a farmer.

The 100,000 square meter area is planted with loquats, pomegranates, peaches, oranges and other fruits. Go deep down to the gardens, pick your favourite fruit and share them with your family, nothing is sweeter than that.

Time flies when you really enjoy something. In Xiangcheng Eco Park, you never have to worry about food. From fish, vegetables, to fruits almost all that you can think of can be found here, with the advantage of being organic and fresh.

And the “A Qing Sao Food Court” uses the fresh ingredients there to provide customers with an idyllic dining experience. There’re also some people who stay overnight in the home-like hotels to get closer to natural farmland.

Location: Yuanzhong Avenue, Xiangcheng Area, Suzhou.
Entry Fee: 10-15 RMB / 500g Person for fishing.
Open Hours: 8:00am – 4:30pm.
Getting There: Take the bus route 805 or 806 and get off at Xiangcheng Eco Park.

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