A Guide to Suzhou Metro Stations Along Line 2

Last December, Suzhou Metro Line 2 was opened to the public. The construction of Line 2 started in 2009 from the north to the south of Suzhou City, forming a cross with its intersecting stop at Guangji Nanlu Station. And it’s the first metro line that stops at Suzhou Railway Station and SND Northern Railway Station.

The northern extension to Qihe Station in Xiangcheng District and its southern extension to Dushu Lake Higher Education Town in SIP are planned to be completed in 2016.

Thanks to the new metro line, people in Suzhou are able to travel all over the city without wasting too much time on the way. The new trains running along Line 2 are a little different from those on Line 1.

More considerate and culture-oriented design, as well as larger volume of commuters maximises the experience of travel. So where can Line 2 take us? How can we use the new public transport more effectively?

Here are some important stops along line 2 for your reference.

Suzhou North Railway Station.
There’s a Jewellery Centre close to this stop in Weitang, Xiangcheng District, which covers hundreds of leading jewellery corporations from Taiwan, Hong Kong, MAcau and the Mainland, making it a Jewelry-themed leisure centre with retail, dining and shopping.

Likou Station.
Suzhou Likou Furniture Center is located at Cailian Road in Xiangcheng District. The exit of Lokou Station is only 1km away from this second largest furniture wholesale market in China. Customers from all over China come here to buy cheap furniture.

Yangchenghu Zhonglu Station.
A thousand-year old street lies silently next to the stop. Not as famous as Zhouzhuang, Tongli or even Luzhi, Lumu was formed in the Tang Dynasty. One of the Four Talents in the Ming Dynasty, Wen Zhengming was born here. It still preserves the old lifestyle of Suzhou locals, so the residents are mostly elderly. It’s an ideal place for photographers to record a different traditional Suzhou.

Shantang Jie Station.
Shantang Street is located in the northwest of Suzhou. Owing to its distinguished geographic location and convenient water and land transportation, Shantang Stret was one of the most highly developed streets in trade and culture during the Mind and Qing dynasties, and regard as “the No.1 Ancient Street in China”.

Shilu Station.
Shilu (stone road) is named for the cobble paved road. It’s a commercial area crowded with stores and shops which usually close after 22:00. If you would like to do shopping in malls or department stores or even want to explore the nightlife. Shilu is a wise choice.

Tongjing Park Station.
This free public park is the biggest municipal park in Suzhou urban area, centring on “Ecological, cultural and scientific” planning. There’s a flowing river connecting the landscape wall and all the pavilions, corridors and bridges, showcasing the culture and history of Suzhou. A relatively quiet space with sports and entertainment facilities is separated by a small forest for children to play.

The Complete List of Metro Stations Along Line 2 are as follows:

Suzhou North Railway Station
Fuyuan Lu
Xutu Gang
Yangchenghu Zhonglu
Pinglong Lu Dong
Pinhe Lu
Suzhou Railway Station
Shantang Jie
Guangji Nan Lu
Sanxiang Square
Laodong Lu
Xujiang Lu
Tongji Park
Panli Lu
Xinjia Qiao
Shihu Donglu
BaodaiQiao Nan

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