Fraser Suites Suzhou

Established on May 24, 2011, Fraser Suites Suzhou, as the first high-end serviced apartment in Suzhou, has been enjoying its upward journey for its sound environment, heartfelt service and creative philosophy.

Housed in an iconic, landmark building, Fraser Suites Suzhou offers extended stay travellers a haven of luxury and refinement. where every need is taken care of, and every desire satisfied.

The Fraser Difference, personal customised services, offers long stay guests “home away from home” and Short stay business guests easy access to highly efficient services. Every amenity the extended-stay business traveler could expect is available here, from the state-of-the-art security system, to the fully-equipped modern kitchen.

Staying at the Fraser Suites Suzhou, as the first high-end serviced apartment in Suzhou

To Fraser Suites Suzhou, the past year 2013 was full of excitement as it peaked the occupancy rates and welcomed guests from over 30 countries, At Fraser Suites Suzhou, each guest is enveloped in luxury and opulence, whether unwinding in the privacy of their own residence or indulging In one of the many available leisure amenities. Everything one could ever want for an extended stay residence is here, at Fraser Suites Suzhou.

Fraser Suites Suzhou not only focuses on providing a luxurious and delightful living experience for guests, but also organizes colorful events to enrich their life in Suzhou and help them get accustomed to local culture. There are various events for guests to experience the Chinese culture, such as Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. Also, a number of traditional western parties and celebrations like Easter Egg Painting & Hunt, Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas Party etc. are held to make guests feel the warmth from home.

According to the philosophy of Fraser Suites Suzhou, embracing the diversity of different cultures is most important. So Fraser Suites Suzhou works on creating a “home away from home” environment, Which is more than simply providing a house cleaning service, but aims for building a full life here.

In Fraser Suites Suzhou. children can enjoy themselves in the recreational area, while wives get together In a club to spend a cheerful afternoon. Each season, Fraser organizes all kinds of events, bringing guests from different countries together, giving them a chance to know each other and experience the diversity of cultures. In order to make guests’ life easier here, Fraser also provides a food-shopping service, as well as a shopping shuttle bus. For guests who have Just arrived in this city. the staff in reception will guide them to the nearby surroundings. It is called City Orientation, a considerate service provided to help guests get used to the new environment as soon as possible.

Responsibility of Fraser Suites.
As part of Fraser’s efforts to be more environmentally conscious, Fraser Suites Suzhou invites guests to be part of their “Green Living” program. The hospitality industry is among the industries with a
significant environmental footprint. Fraser sees it as its responsibility to help set an example for staff and the industry to make the Earth a better home for all. By encouraging guests to share their Green Living ideas and participate in the Green Living activities, Fraser seeks various ways to contribute to environmental protection.

In the meantime, Fraser has been very actively involved with charity work and the guests are always invited to participate in some charitable events in various communities, such as helping the orphans, and support the least fortunate local families. A lot of guests are more than delighted to get involved in the local charities.

The past two years has witnessed sound development of Fraser Suites Suzhou. It is believed that in the future, Fraser Suites Suzhou will become an ideal home for expats in Suzhou by further upgrading the living experience of its guests.

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