Having fun in Long Tou Zhu, Wuxi

Wuxi Is not that big compared to Suzhou, but it doesn’t matter when it comes to tourist attractions, If you’re looking for a one-day tour in Wuxi, but don’t want to jump from one place to another, then Long Tau Zhu is the best place to enjoy your full day.

Long Tau Zhu Is situated in the Southwest of Ma Shan (Mt. MA), overlooking spectacular Taihu Lake and lies Its back against Llngshan Buddah.

Long Tau Zhu literally means Dragon Head Isle, because It is formed due to the extension of Dachu Mountain Into the Taihu Lake. which looks like a dragon that is hiding in the lake. From dragon tongue, dragon eye, dragon ear, dragon neck to dragon back, the isle stretches 2,500 meters. Legend has It that there used to be a green dragon in this area, One night, It dived into the lake, which

startled the divine deer in Lu Shan (Mt. Lu). The two magnificent holy creatures began to fight against each other, which caused a great amount of turmoil for the local people. Therefore, 18 brave warriors were dispatched from Mt. Lu to end the unrest. They cut the head off the dragon and nailed it In the lake, which later became Dragon Head Isle.

Of course, we all know it’s just a legend, but the minute you set your foot on the isle, the heavenly view will make you wonder if maybe part of it is true. According to Liu Yuxi, the poet and philosopher in the Tang Dynasty, “A mountain needn’t be high; It is famous so long as there is a deity on it: Long Tau Zhu is definitely not famous for its height, but when you see the flourishing trees reaching the sky at the gate, when you walk on the bank with endless misty Taihu Lake in Sight, it IS not hard to believe that it’s the right place a deity would choose.

Although it is June, you probably missed the peach blossoms, still the dancing willows Invite you to the summer beat. It’s a place full of fun. Bring your family here with you, have a wonderful BBQ in the beautiful surroundings, Just prepare yourself with some food, all the other necessities such as a barbecue, a small table and a few chairs or even cooking oil can be rented there all for the price of RMB50. There’re a few different locations for you to choose from, either at the bank with a shelter or in the open air, it’s up to you, The fun of cooking for yourself and your family can be experienced by anyone. If you are too busy to bring food here, you may buy from them at a little higher price.

Children would love staying here, because there’s a lot of recreational equipment close to the BBQ area, A see-saw, a swing or a slide will satisfy most of them. While for those who have older children, you may go along with him or her on the river challenges. It’s not rare to see people get wet when running across the waist-deep water river on the colorful plastic foams. but still with a big smile on the face. Be aware that it’s a little bit dangerous for youngsters, so keep an eye on him or her if necessary.

Running around the recreational area can take a lot of time, because there’s always a
queue in front of some popular challenges. If you don’t want to wait, a quiet tour in the garden is not a bad choice, As a well-protected area, the scenic spots integrate harmoniously with the natural scenery. Take a long walk along the lake view path, feel how small you are in front of the magnificent surroundings, Have a rest in the small pavilions hidden in the trees, enjoying the birds singing and streamlets running,

Also, you may see a group of people in camouflage uniforms, doing all kinds of training. Don’t worry, that’s probably a company doing the outward bound course, They even have live CS here if you are the one looking for excitement

To one’s surprise, such a place so fully equipped only charges RMB 25/person for admission. So what are you waiting for? Get your family out of bed, and impress them with a fantastic weekend!

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