Luoke Ice Cream on Pingjiang Street, Suzhou

Located along Suzhou’s famous Pringjiang Street, the owner of Luoke Ice Cream explains that its a very special shop ! Before 8pm its a Ice-Cream shop and after 8pm it becomes a small bar. The decor of this small shop attracted me very much. The paintings are all from the staff or from friends.

The walls are also covered with various notes. The shop owner has a concept of making his shop a meaningful place for travelers, so he will give travellers a 3RMB discount if they can show their train tickets or scenic spot tickets when they buy any ice cream.

The real highlight is their Biluochen ice cream,¬†Biluochen being a famous green tea originally grown in the Dong Ting mountain of Tai Hu, Jiangsu Province. It is also known as Pi, having a strong sense of Suzhou’s local flavour. This is one of my recommendations. I also suggest you try their chocolate vodka ice cream which is quite popular among¬†foreigners.


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