The Drunken Chef, Suzhou’s English Pub

The Drunken Chef, Suzhou’s English Pub and Sports Restaurant. The Drunken Chef is a unique combination of the British Pub and a Sports Restaurant set, would you believe, in the historic city of Suzhou, China.

With well over 100 different Western dishes on the menu, imported materials and traditional draft beer, the Drunken Chef is the real home from home you need when you visit Suzhou.

The Drunken Chef is the premier Formula 1 promotion outlet in China, with huge crowds of F1 fans coming for the traditional Sunday roast, and settling down to watch the race on our big screen TV and live race timing system direct from Formula 1 itself.

From April to November cooking outside on the open fire BBQ every weekend, serving up the best USDA steaks in town, roast leg of pork, or a side of beef … simply the best you will find in Suzhou.

The Drunken Chef first opened its doors in 2004. Formally called the Scenic Café, it was purchased by Clive and Dee Greenwood with the clear objective of bringing much needed real Western home-cooked food to the visiting and expat community of Suzhou.

Clive, originally from Yorkshire, had spent over 16 years working in China as a sales and marketing director and fully understood what was needed in terms of real Western food for the expats working in China. He first addressed the big question: how do we get the real ingredients? The answer was to find a supplier with the same goals. We have achieved this through our long-standing relationship with Euro Foods.

Other outlets have tried to copy Western dishes, but never truly understood the principle of better raw materials = better finished product. That is why all of our raw materials are imported, unlike other restaurants in Suzhou. We believe in value for money. If you are paying top dollar for a steak you expect to have a top flight steak, not a copy, and not made from low quality beef, right!

The mission is to better customer expectations each and every time, to provide quality first, with open and friendly front of house staff in a truly English pub atmosphere. To achieve this through constant improvement of all aspects of the business, customer feedback and owner hands on. Unlike almost all other “Western” outlets in Suzhou you will always find the owners in house. Clive or Dee are in the bar every night, talking to customers, playing pool with customers or simply managing the night. They are always happy to help visitors to find new places of interest in Suzhou, or simply help in the ‘where to shop’ questions.

To help customers, they are one of only a few restaurants in Suzhou that except all international credit cards, including American Express. Again this demonstrates our commitment to helping the visitor. The always provide real tax receipts, so there can never be any doubt when it comes to claiming your business expenses, either in China or at home.

The Drunken Chef is a little difficult to find the first time, but we have provided a download map in Chinese. Print it off and give it to the taxi driver. If you are staying in one of the main business hotels, just ask the front desk and they will give you directions. If you are just visiting for the day, you will find it on the tourist map.

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