Element Fresh @ Xingya Mall, SIP

Element Fresh Suzhou

It has taken a long time…but we love our first Suzhou location:bright,spacious,on the west side of Jinji Hu.We are open every day for lunch,dinner,and anytime in between.And all-day breakfast on the weekends… We look forward to welcoming you at Element Fresh Suzhou…and of course we would appreciate if you pass this news to your friends in Suzhou…

If you want your food to do you good as well as taste good, this venue is an excellent choice. Element Fresh are known for their green salads, sandwiches, juices and smoothies.

Their menu options are centred around lean meats, light sauces and fresh vegetables. The chain updates their menu every six months, so you will always have something new to try out.

Key Facts
Deputy General Manager: Mars Su
Address:No.308 Suya Road, Xingya Mall, Suzhou Industrial Park
Telephone: 0512-62533610
Fax : 0512-62533619
Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday 11am – 10pm
Friday 11am – 11pm
Saturday 9am – 11pm
Sunday 9am – 10pm
please use our out door area for smoking
Nearest subway station: Xinghai Square station (Line 1, Exit 4)
Free wireless available

Hotel Soul Boutique Hotel in Suzhou

Hotel Soul Suzhou
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Cool and ConnectedHotel Soul is a treat for the senses. Visually, it’s striking – nowhere more so than in the lobby and public areas, where the interplay between man-made and natural materials conjures drama and surprise. Guest rooms are warmly lit and a full set of in-room designer amenities refreshes both body and mind.
Communications connectivity gets the guest fully wired-up with onsite roaming Wi-Fi easily enabled. Also essential to guest well-being is the team of courteous well-trained staff, who are multi-lingual, Suzhou savvy and well informed on the needs of the international traveller.

Nestling in the epicentre of one of China’s last ancient cities that is still criss-crossed with canals, is the new Hotel Soul.

Built to inspire guests with its thematic décor, guaranteed comfort, good food and amiable service, this experience-driven boutique hotel, with 219 rooms, is a place to encounter little miracles, whether visitors are here for business or leisure.

Touch Spa at the DoubleTree by Hilton Wuxi

DoubleTree Hilton Wuxi

It’s easy for us to neglect our health due to the busy social lives we lead.

Often, with extreme pressure from our working life, taking time to keep fit and develop a good lifestyle is becoming more and more important in our daily lives, Some people like sports and enjoy the easing of pressure this brings. Some people prefer to visit a SPA, releasing tension that way. But we need to remember that better health means a better life. If you now want to improve your fitness, then you are welcome to come along to the Double Tree by Hilton Wuxi.

With an area of approximately 2100m2 the fitness centre is built with transparent glass walls six meters high. The comprehensive recreational facilities include a 220m2 gym equipped with state-of-the-art DoubleTree Fitness equipment with personal TV screens and a 25m-long indoor heated swimming pool overlooking the hotel garden. Treadmills, elliptical trainers, comprehensive function training devices and the classical abdomen chairs are part of the indispensable equipment in the gym. Through the glass windows on one side, a grand elevated highway is in the picture along with the flow of traffic, and you can watch the world go buy as you take part in your exercises. The gym also has an independent yoga room. Weekly yoga courses can help relax your mind and body. As for the 25m-long indoor heated swimming pool, it is definitely a wonderful place to shape your body and soothe the pain of fatigue and tension, especially for those who spend much of their time sitting at their desks.

The staff at the Touch SPA have a deep knowledge of the expertise needed to help you enjoy your life more. This is a treat you should not miss. Cooperating with international five-star hotels, the Touch SPA is currently a high-end hydrotherapy brand in China. Once you enter the SPA centre, the light fragrance of essential oils and the soothing music will calm you. For the ultimate pampering, head to the luxurious SPA and beauty salon which featured 13 private rooms offering a full range of treatments to rejuvenate the body and mind. Another option is to relax in the sauna and steam room. All the SPA products here are natural and contain pure plant essential oils; the facial projects are using French ‘Decleor’ products. At the moment, the Touch SPA is launching a promotion of weekend specials. Customized care is on sale with a 50% discount. This chance is not to be missed.

DoubleTree by Hilton Wuxi, also has two tennis courts and a basketball court on site, and two golf driving ranges within walking distance. Additionally, six rooms are reserved for board games.

Staying at the Fraser Suites Suzhou, as the first high-end serviced apartment in Suzhou

Fraser Suites Suzhou

Established on May 24, 2011, Fraser Suites Suzhou, as the first high-end serviced apartment in Suzhou, has been enjoying its upward journey for its sound environment, heartfelt service and creative philosophy.

Housed in an iconic, landmark building, Fraser Suites Suzhou offers extended stay travellers a haven of luxury and refinement. where every need is taken care of, and every desire satisfied.

The Fraser Difference, personal customised services, offers long stay guests “home away from home” and Short stay business guests easy access to highly efficient services. Every amenity the extended-stay business traveler could expect is available here, from the state-of-the-art security system, to the fully-equipped modern kitchen.

To Fraser Suites Suzhou, the past year 2013 was full of excitement as it peaked the occupancy rates and welcomed guests from over 30 countries, At Fraser Suites Suzhou, each guest is enveloped in luxury and opulence, whether unwinding in the privacy of their own residence or indulging In one of the many available leisure amenities. Everything one could ever want for an extended stay residence is here, at Fraser Suites Suzhou.

Fraser Suites Suzhou not only focuses on providing a luxurious and delightful living experience for guests, but also organizes colorful events to enrich their life in Suzhou and help them get accustomed to local culture. There are various events for guests to experience the Chinese culture, such as Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. Also, a number of traditional western parties and celebrations like Easter Egg Painting & Hunt, Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas Party etc. are held to make guests feel the warmth from home.

According to the philosophy of Fraser Suites Suzhou, embracing the diversity of different cultures is most important. So Fraser Suites Suzhou works on creating a “home away from home” environment, Which is more than simply providing a house cleaning service, but aims for building a full life here.

In Fraser Suites Suzhou. children can enjoy themselves in the recreational area, while wives get together In a club to spend a cheerful afternoon. Each season, Fraser organizes all kinds of events, bringing guests from different countries together, giving them a chance to know each other and experience the diversity of cultures. In order to make guests’ life easier here, Fraser also provides a food-shopping service, as well as a shopping shuttle bus. For guests who have Just arrived in this city. the staff in reception will guide them to the nearby surroundings. It is called City Orientation, a considerate service provided to help guests get used to the new environment as soon as possible.

Responsibility of Fraser Suites.
As part of Fraser’s efforts to be more environmentally conscious, Fraser Suites Suzhou invites guests to be part of their “Green Living” program. The hospitality industry is among the industries with a
significant environmental footprint. Fraser sees it as its responsibility to help set an example for staff and the industry to make the Earth a better home for all. By encouraging guests to share their Green Living ideas and participate in the Green Living activities, Fraser seeks various ways to contribute to environmental protection.

In the meantime, Fraser has been very actively involved with charity work and the guests are always invited to participate in some charitable events in various communities, such as helping the orphans, and support the least fortunate local families. A lot of guests are more than delighted to get involved in the local charities.

The past two years has witnessed sound development of Fraser Suites Suzhou. It is believed that in the future, Fraser Suites Suzhou will become an ideal home for expats in Suzhou by further upgrading the living experience of its guests.

Having fun in Long Tou Zhu, Wuxi

Wuxi Is not that big compared to Suzhou, but it doesn’t matter when it comes to tourist attractions, If you’re looking for a one-day tour in Wuxi, but don’t want to jump from one place to another, then Long Tau Zhu is the best place to enjoy your full day.

Long Tau Zhu Is situated in the Southwest of Ma Shan (Mt. MA), overlooking spectacular Taihu Lake and lies Its back against Llngshan Buddah.

Long Tau Zhu literally means Dragon Head Isle, because It is formed due to the extension of Dachu Mountain Into the Taihu Lake. which looks like a dragon that is hiding in the lake. From dragon tongue, dragon eye, dragon ear, dragon neck to dragon back, the isle stretches 2,500 meters. Legend has It that there used to be a green dragon in this area, One night, It dived into the lake, which

startled the divine deer in Lu Shan (Mt. Lu). The two magnificent holy creatures began to fight against each other, which caused a great amount of turmoil for the local people. Therefore, 18 brave warriors were dispatched from Mt. Lu to end the unrest. They cut the head off the dragon and nailed it In the lake, which later became Dragon Head Isle.

Of course, we all know it’s just a legend, but the minute you set your foot on the isle, the heavenly view will make you wonder if maybe part of it is true. According to Liu Yuxi, the poet and philosopher in the Tang Dynasty, “A mountain needn’t be high; It is famous so long as there is a deity on it: Long Tau Zhu is definitely not famous for its height, but when you see the flourishing trees reaching the sky at the gate, when you walk on the bank with endless misty Taihu Lake in Sight, it IS not hard to believe that it’s the right place a deity would choose.

Although it is June, you probably missed the peach blossoms, still the dancing willows Invite you to the summer beat. It’s a place full of fun. Bring your family here with you, have a wonderful BBQ in the beautiful surroundings, Just prepare yourself with some food, all the other necessities such as a barbecue, a small table and a few chairs or even cooking oil can be rented there all for the price of RMB50. There’re a few different locations for you to choose from, either at the bank with a shelter or in the open air, it’s up to you, The fun of cooking for yourself and your family can be experienced by anyone. If you are too busy to bring food here, you may buy from them at a little higher price.

Children would love staying here, because there’s a lot of recreational equipment close to the BBQ area, A see-saw, a swing or a slide will satisfy most of them. While for those who have older children, you may go along with him or her on the river challenges. It’s not rare to see people get wet when running across the waist-deep water river on the colorful plastic foams. but still with a big smile on the face. Be aware that it’s a little bit dangerous for youngsters, so keep an eye on him or her if necessary.

Running around the recreational area can take a lot of time, because there’s always a
queue in front of some popular challenges. If you don’t want to wait, a quiet tour in the garden is not a bad choice, As a well-protected area, the scenic spots integrate harmoniously with the natural scenery. Take a long walk along the lake view path, feel how small you are in front of the magnificent surroundings, Have a rest in the small pavilions hidden in the trees, enjoying the birds singing and streamlets running,

Also, you may see a group of people in camouflage uniforms, doing all kinds of training. Don’t worry, that’s probably a company doing the outward bound course, They even have live CS here if you are the one looking for excitement

To one’s surprise, such a place so fully equipped only charges RMB 25/person for admission. So what are you waiting for? Get your family out of bed, and impress them with a fantastic weekend!

The Fraser Suites Serviced Apartments

Fraser Suites Suzhou is the kind of furnished serviced apartment that corporate clients dream of. Most of its in-house guests are from among the world’s most successful companies with 80% of its residents coming from fortune 500 companies.

The Fraser Suites Serviced Apartments in Suzhou are located in SIP (Suzhou Industrial Park) and only minutes away from Jinji Lake, various restaurants, shopping malls and metro stations. All of the serviced apartments are fully furnished, and guests can also enjoy a wide range of luxury hotel services, It also offers residents of the serviced apartments facilities such as the gymnasium, swimming pool, children’s play areas, outdoor gardens and sky lounge. What really sets apart the Fraser Suites serviced apartments in Suzhou is the 24-hour services, English / Chinese / Japanese / Korean speaking staff available for personal assistance, a full range of high-standard facilities, and guaranteed safety.

We recently has the change to sit down with the general manager for the Fraser Suites Serviced Apartments in Suzhou and ask him about himself, his business and the keys to successfully managing the serviced apartments in Suzhou.

You’ve had a long career in hospitality. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your career?

I was born in China and brought up in Hong Kong. My father was Malaysian, and he came to China during world war 2 to help with the war effort. He ended up going college here, and that is how I happened to be born here. I started my career in hospitality in the 1980’s. After I graduated from the United States high school that I attended I moved to Switzerland for hotel management training. Following this, I started working as an apprentice in Zurich. While there I picked up the German language, a love for skiing, and I learned a lot about the culture and preference of Europeans. After graduation I went back to Hong Kong and worked with the Regent Hotel Brand. I started at the front desk, moved to sales and marketing, and on to operations. After that I held positions with the Grand Hyatt and the Shangri-La, which were both great working experiences for me.

Before I found Fraser Suites, I spend the previous 10 years at the InterContinental Hotels Group. Fraser was a new kind of business compared to my previous 20 years working in hotels. – Managing serviced apartments in Suzhou has been a new challenge for me.

Looking back, I would choose managing serviced apartments over hotels because it’s a change to create a home away from home for my clients.

What would you say is the most important factor when it comes to running the Fraser suites serviced apartments in Suzhou?

The service element is the most critical park of management. This is what makes Fraser suites special. It is about attention, developing relationships, spending time getting to know the residents. I feel like the bonding is important, and it is what I enjoy the most. There are people from many walks of life and industries staying in the apartments and it provides a wonderful mix for the community.

What would you say is the most distinctive aspect of the Suzhou Fraser Suites Serviced Apartments ?

Undeniably location is one important feature, especially as S.I.P offers a lifestyle that is attractive to many foreigners. However what is most distinctive about the Fraser Suites are the core brand standards. For example the ‘retreat’ is one of our best features, and it is very popular with our residents. It is a relaxation room equipped with massage chairs, offering a tranquil environment in which to unwind. Another feature that is popular is the ‘kid’s place’ where kids can play with tours and each other, on soft floors with suitable equipments. We recently installed an outdoor area for children to play that compliments the indoor area we already had. Seeing the kids really enjoying their stay by having this ‘front yard’ to play in is a great feeling for me, and I know our residents with children appreciate having it. In addition, the community that is built here in Fraser Suites sets us apart from most other establishments. We actively encourage community building through events like our potlucks in the garden, at which residents bring dishes from their home countries and everyone shares them, giving each person an opportunity to show his or her own culture while appreciating that of others. Finally, one of the most significant structural aspects of the Suites if the ‘Pinnacle’, our fifty-fifth floor area for residents only, which includes a billiard room, the sky lounge, meeting facilities, a library, and the previously mentioned retreat and sky garden, all with phenomenal views of the city.

There is some competition among the serviced apartments in Suzhou, How will you stay competitive?

There are no direct competitors to Fraser Suites in Suzhou because this product is different from other brands. While some hotels may have long-term guests, most clients who want a more home-like feel opt for us. Local residences offer homes, but these are not serviced, and thus we have the niche for our particular type of housing – a home feel with a full range of services. For the time being, we are the preferred choice for those in the market for our kind of offering.

What makes a business like Serviced apartments successful ?

While service, community, location and market are all important factors for making a business successful, I believe it is essential for a company to make clear that it is committed to the community in which it operates. For this reason we have recently started reaching out to our community through social work, and we are currently helping a girl whose father has cancer and recently had an accident making him unable to work. We do not force our staff to participate in these endeavours, but rather allow them opportunities to volunteer with such projects, and in this way we offer them avenues into the local community that may be difficult for them to find alone.

What is your favourite part of the job ?

There are many: all of the possibilities for reaching out; working with the talented staff and encouraging them to function as a strong team; and creating a community and enjoying it with the residents.

Suzhou Cripsy Duck

Have you tried Suzhou’s famous cripsy duck ? Priced at only ¥30 per duck, be prepared to wait in line on weekends and special occasions.

The skin is crispy, yet not too oily and the meat is tender and not fatty, you can smell the fragrance of the store almost 30 meters away.

Suzhou Duck szduck2 szduck3 szduck4

New Family in Suzhou ? Don’t get shocked!

Suzhou Culture Shock

Expats can certainly expect to experience some degree of culture shock in China.

On first arrival to Suzhou, the human wave will probably shock you. Everywhere you go: public malls, tourist sites like Suzhou gardens, restaurants, railway stations, bus stations you will see nothing but waves and waves of people. Suzhou can be so crowded that you hardly have private space of your own once you are out of your hotel room or your apartment, special in Downtown areas like the Suzhou Shopping streets. Those moving to China may find some aspects of adjustment surprising novelties and others unexpected niceties. Either way, taking the necessary steps to prepare accordingly can alleviate some of the tension and the severity of culture shock.

Westerners are often the indiscreet focus of attention in restaurants or walking down streets. Unabated stares can grow uncomfortable and can become ostracising. There is also an obvious mark-up for products sold to foreigners which can further feelings of alienation and frustrate expats who otherwise try to be part of the community. Others can feel too much part of the community as enormous and dense crowds push and pack into public transportation or crowded sidewalks. Living in densely packed areas is often the largest cultural difference of life in China’s cities like Suzhou or Shanghai.

Another part of everyday life in China that requires some adjustment is the long queues associated with bureaucracy, from bank teller lines to waiting for hospital treatment.

When shopping, depending on the shop, it is customary to bargain for goods and the first offered price isn’t expected to be accepted. This isn’t the case in shopping malls that mirror the policies of western shopping centres.

The best way is to adjust yourself.. Keep in mind you are not in your home country. Be open for other cultures and behaviour. Find local friends talk open about it. Don’t only blame and compare with your life before.

Suzhou Police Registration for foreigners arriving in Suzhou

What every foreigner must do within 24 hrs of arriving in Suzhou and living in a place other than a hotel is register with their local Police station and get form that is needed for renewing your visa, if you need to do so in China.

If you don’t do this you can occur a fine every day you don’t register. People staying in hotels do not need to worry as hotel staff will register for them after the check–in process has been completed. Once you are registered, you will have a white ‘temporary residence registration form’ that you should keep on file at home. It doesn’t happen often, but the police do have the right to knock on doors and ask foreigners to show their registration forms. Such ‘house calls’ are generally only made if your registration has expired because you left the country and then re-entered, or if you have extended your visa, and you have forgotten to go back to your local police station to renew it.

A ‘house call’ means that a police officer will ring your doorbell, usually in the evening between 6 and 9 pm, and will show his/her credentials and ask you to show your passport and registration form. If you have forgotten to register, you will be given a warning and told to go and register. However, repeat offenders may be fined. Note that every foreigner has to register, regardless of working and/or visa status. If you move house or apartment then you need to re-register at your new area’s police station.

BodyFit25 Suzhou

BodyFit Suzhou

BodyFit25 is Asia’s first EMS 3.0 sport studio located in Suzhou’s new shopping Mall “Harmony City” nearby Times Square. BodyFit25 works with the newest sport technology EMS 3.0 which afford to lose weight, build up muscles and/or relieve pain in an effective, healthy and time-saving way.

EMS means Electrical Muscles Stimulation and that means that we don’t work with weights but with impulses. Normally, our brain sends an impulse via the nerves to the muscle to contract the muscles. That’s how we walk, lift weights or do sports. Now, EMS simulates this impulse with our suit and the electrode on the leg and arm. Via our electrodes an impulse is sent to the nerves and muscles in our body. EMS 3.0 means that we can “tell” our nerves to contract the muscles (low frequency) , we can “tell” the muscles directly to contract (middle frequency) or we “speak” to both of them at the same time, which is also the meaning of EMS 3.0 (modulated middle frequency).

BodyFit25 Suzhou

It is not at all dangerous for our body, the natural impulses that are sent from our brain to the muscles also consist of electricity – our impulse is absolutely equal to the natural one. Moreover, our machines are made in Germany, where they have been medically approved and declared safe.

EMS training 3.0 makes it possible to lose weight, relieve pain – for example lower back pain – and/or build up muscles and all this in just 20 minutes once or twice per week. The secret is the EMS itself:
With its impulses, the suit and the electrodes on arms and legs, we can reach up to 90% of all muscles in your body. Into a normal gym, you do lots of time-consuming work-outs for your arms, legs, shoulders and so on, but with our training, it’s all done in 20 minutes. Furthermore, our training is healthier and more efficient than normal sports training. You don’t need to lift any weights, which avoids hurting your joints. EMS is also cell-activating. This means that we put your cells in a state similar to their state just before the cell division. Nutrients and oxygen can be better absorbed and waste products are quickly removed. Thus, you are going to feel healthier.

Additionally, EMS trains the deeper muscles layer as well as your complete muscles corset; this is good for your posture and good to combat your back and joint problems.

We have suits, electrodes and our special underwear in all possible sizes. So everyone is welcome to try-out our EMS training 3.0 at BodyFit25. But there are still a few conditions to respect:
You are not allowed to train when you have tumours, fever, open wounds, a pacemaker or during pregnancy. When your doctor says, however, that you are allowed to do it, there are no problems.

EMS training 3.0 is a sports training – but a special one: innovative, healthy, efficient and time-saving!
Carsten Richter
+86 185 5011 9803
[email protected]

Shopping Mall “Harmony City”
3F, Shop 3270 BodyFit25
Passage between Sky and Forest area
269 WangDun Road
Suzhou SIP

[email protected]
Facebook/Google+ / WeChat: BodyFit25