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Suzhou Portland Street Apartments and Expatriate Compound overview.


Suzhou portland street is an expat community located at the centre of SIP, with a little church and American style mote, its full of North-American amorous feelings. There are 21 villas and 4 suites of apartments for rent, and even though it is a smaller community is it a lovely place to live, there are lots of trees, so in the hot summer you can still feel cool.

They provide a series of standard services including an outdoor swimming pool and spa, western breakfast, free-house keeping and cleaning, great outdoor children’s play area and a 24 hour English speaking service hotline.

The villa features are high quality wood framed houses with 3-4 bedrooms, Chinese & Western kitchen, central air conditioning, North-American appliances, washer, dryer etc.. The apartments at Portland street mainly have two sizes:

Type A Size: 62sqm and Type B Size 78.2sqm

Getting from Pudong Airport to Suzhou by Train


Both the Shanghai Railway and Hongqiao Train Station have bullet trains going regularly to Suzhou, ticket costs range from 40 RMB to 80 RMB depending on seating class.

Bullet trains form Shanghai to Suzhou take around 40 minutes and operate between  6am and 11pm outside of these times operates a slow train to Suzhou from the Shanghai Railway station.

The fastest way from Pudong Airport to Suzhou by Train

Take the Maglev train from Pudong (PVG) airport to longyang road subway station – here you have the option to either take a taxi or subway to Shanghai Railway Station or Hongqiao train station.

Taking a Taxi to Shanghai Railway Station should cost around 50 RMB and 70 RMB to Hongqiao train station.

The Cheapest way from Pudong Airport to Suzhou by Train 

You can take like 2 directly from Pudong PGV airport to Hongqiao train station which takes around 60 minuites and costs less than $5.00


– The Hongqiao train station is a very new, clean and modern train station whereas the Shanghai Railway Station is older and busier.

– Foreigners cannot purchase train tickets from ticketing machines as they require Chinese ID cards, you will need to take your passport to the ticketing desk which can be extremely busy and expect waits of up to 1hour, especially at the Shanghai Railway Station.

– Watch out for pickpockets, there are plenty of thefts of mobile phones, wallets etc…especially at the Shanghai Railway Station, We have witnessed thefts regularly at the Shanghai Railway Station of mobile phones, money snatched from hands etc..

– Traveling from the Hongqiao train station is a much more pleasant experience than the Shanghai Railway Station.

Suzhou Public Health and Hygiene Information


Pneumonia and Infuenza are common in Suzhou Area. There is also a limited risk of Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Polio, Tuberculosis, Tetanus and Rabies. During the hot seasons it’s recommended to use mosquito nets, sprays and wear clothing that covers your entire body to protect you from irritating mosquito bites.

Suzhou Vaccinations

There is no compulsory vaccination when entering China. However it is advisable to be immunized against Tetanus, Typhoid, Poliomyelitis, Hepatitis A and B. Maybe also opt for the Rabies and Japanese Encephelitis vaccination.

Suzhou Public Hygiene

Public toilets in Suzhou are not always very hygienic and it is best to certain avoid public toilets unless in a case of emergency. (although you might be pleasantly surprised by some public toilets which are maintained 24hours a day)

The most acceptable public toilets are in good hotels and restauants.

When buying food and vegetables in Suzhou check the expiry date and wash the fruits and vegetables before eating them.

The tap water in Suzhou is not suitable for drinking. Bootled mineral water is sold for around 2-3 Yuan, and is widely available in stores, restaurants and street kiosks.

Cost of Expatriate Living in Suzhou


Depending on which country you come from, the comparison of cost of living in Suzhou may vary. So take our article only as reference to estimate cost of rent, electric, water etc.

Renting an apartment in Suzhou runs between 5,000 RMB to 50000 RMB for expats. For example a 170 square meter three bedroom apartment costs around 5900 RMB per month and includes management fees, furnishings, DVD player, Chinese cable TV (setup), microwave, toaster oven, washer, dryer, 2 TVs.

Housing for Suzhou locals is below 5000 RMB and usually has no lifts (elevators). If your Mandarin is good and you enjoy the experience living among locals, there are plenty of choices to choose from.

Cost of Electricity in Suzhou

You should pay your electric bill at local banks every other month. In Suzhou, everything is prepaid. There is no invoice system. In order not to have the services interrupted, you must pay attention to paying bills. For two months around 2000 RMB. Now, this is an outrageous amount of expense to the locals because that may represent their entire month’s salary. But the expenses of air condition for head and cool is high.

Cost of Water in Suzhou

For two months around 100 RMB for water bills. It’s for 2-3 people pretty good. There don’t have water heaters like those in the US. Instead, the water line goes through a heating unit and the water gets really hot fast.

Water is not drinkable in Suzhou. Even the locals don’t drink them. Normally you subscribe to bottled water. This will mostly out a hot and cold water dispenser. The normal size use bottle have 18,9 liter an cost between 10-28 RMB each. Normally the water will delivered and install by the water provider company.

Cost of Gas in Suzhou

There is a card similar to a credit card inserted into the gas unit in our kitchen. It has a meter on the unit. You have to prepaid the gas bill, the monthly cost for 2-3 person around 200 RMB.

Cost of Chinese Cable TV in Suzhou

This is the Chinese TV networks from many regions outside of Suzhou. There are about 30+ channels. It has one English Channel, CCTV 9. CCTV 5 is the sports channel. Although it’s in Mandarin, you can watch many kind of sports on CCTV 5. The cost is 72 RMB for 6 months.

Cost of Satellite TV in Suzhou

When you install one dish incl. a receiver you can receive many of the USA, England, German and Asian TV English programs (about 40-50 channels). It costs 1500 RMB for the installation and 2 years fee. Mostly this price is illegal (pirate) installation. The original legal price is between 3500 – 6500 RMB. The signals are good but very often the weather disturbs the signal and the network goes down. Illegal installations can go down for several days and then you will need to get a new smart card.