Rock Climbing in Suzhou

For a rock climbing beginner, the best and safest way to get started is to go to an indoor climbing gym. The “rock” walls at an indoor gym are not really made of rock at all, so its fairly safe. Suzhou Dushu Lake Climbing Gym provides such a place for climbing fans. It includes 350 … Read more

Dragonfly Massage and Spa in Suzhou.

Dragonfly Massage Suzhou

Dragonfly is a new-age lifestyle brand and China’s leading chain of contemporary urban retreats, offering high quality massage and nail spa services to busy expatriates, weary of travellers, and sophisticated local customers. Each of the Dragonfly retreats is an oasis of peace and tranquility in the middle of the busy urban metropolis. They feature a … Read more

Suzhou EtonHouse International School Advance Placement Studies.

Its a thrill to announce the high achievements of our Senior Year students! For the past 2 school years at EtonHouse International School Suzhou, China we have offered the Advance Placement Program which is a course developed in the United States of America for high school students to gain placement and course credit for universities … Read more

Live-CS Paintballing in Suzhou

Want to have an unconventional way of exercising? You can find it in Paintball. The Paintball selected Xiangxuehai as its shooting range. With first-class live-cs field battle equipment and professional coaches, you can expose yourself in the thrilling simulated environment and embark on an adventure at various sites. As the largest scale Live-CS outdoor sports … Read more

Suzhou Singapore International School, Celebrating Achievement.

Suzhou Singapore international school (SSSIS), located in Suzhou industrial park, is a fully authorized IB World School offering continuity of education from Pre-Nursery (2 year olds) to grade 12. SSSIS students represent more than 40 nationalities with a total enrolment of over 1,300. The experienced and qualified staffs from more than 20 countries provide a … Read more

Dulwich College Suzhou, A friendly and student-centred learning environment.

Dulwich College Suzhou offers a friendly and student-centered learning environment. Your child is placed at the very centre of the learning process and receives a broad and balanced education. The Dulwich College educational philosophy is to inspire the children of today to take a leading role in tomorrow’s world. Dulwich College achieves this through placing … Read more

A Summary of Suzhou Education

It is good tradition in Suzhou to respect teachers and value education. More than 2000 scholars (ZhuangYuan, JinShi) appeared in the history of Suzhou and at present the number of native academicians has reached more than 80. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, especially since the reform and opening-up, Suzhou has been … Read more

Cost of Living in Suzhou

Depending on which country you come from, the comparison of cost of living may vary. So take our article only as reference to estimate cost of rent, electric, water etc. Renting an apartment runs between 5,000 RMB to 50000 RMB for expats. For example a 170 square meter three bedroom apartment costs around 5900 RMB … Read more