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A Guide to Suzhou Metro Stations Along Line 2


Last December, Suzhou Metro Line 2 was opened to the public. The construction of Line 2 started in 2009 from the north to the south of Suzhou City, forming a cross with its intersecting stop at Guangji Nanlu Station. And it’s the first metro line that stops at Suzhou Railway Station and SND Northern Railway Station.

The northern extension to Qihe Station in Xiangcheng District and its southern extension to Dushu Lake Higher Education Town in SIP are planned to be completed in 2016.

Thanks to the new metro line, people in Suzhou are able to travel all over the city without wasting too much time on the way. The new trains running along Line 2 are a little different from those on Line 1.

More considerate and culture-oriented design, as well as larger volume of commuters maximises the experience of travel. So where can Line 2 take us? How can we use the new public transport more effectively?

Here are some important stops along line 2 for your reference.

Suzhou North Railway Station.
There’s a Jewellery Centre close to this stop in Weitang, Xiangcheng District, which covers hundreds of leading jewellery corporations from Taiwan, Hong Kong, MAcau and the Mainland, making it a Jewelry-themed leisure centre with retail, dining and shopping.

Likou Station.
Suzhou Likou Furniture Center is located at Cailian Road in Xiangcheng District. The exit of Lokou Station is only 1km away from this second largest furniture wholesale market in China. Customers from all over China come here to buy cheap furniture.

Yangchenghu Zhonglu Station.
A thousand-year old street lies silently next to the stop. Not as famous as Zhouzhuang, Tongli or even Luzhi, Lumu was formed in the Tang Dynasty. One of the Four Talents in the Ming Dynasty, Wen Zhengming was born here. It still preserves the old lifestyle of Suzhou locals, so the residents are mostly elderly. It’s an ideal place for photographers to record a different traditional Suzhou.

Shantang Jie Station.
Shantang Street is located in the northwest of Suzhou. Owing to its distinguished geographic location and convenient water and land transportation, Shantang Stret was one of the most highly developed streets in trade and culture during the Mind and Qing dynasties, and regard as “the No.1 Ancient Street in China”.

Shilu Station.
Shilu (stone road) is named for the cobble paved road. It’s a commercial area crowded with stores and shops which usually close after 22:00. If you would like to do shopping in malls or department stores or even want to explore the nightlife. Shilu is a wise choice.

Tongjing Park Station.
This free public park is the biggest municipal park in Suzhou urban area, centring on “Ecological, cultural and scientific” planning. There’s a flowing river connecting the landscape wall and all the pavilions, corridors and bridges, showcasing the culture and history of Suzhou. A relatively quiet space with sports and entertainment facilities is separated by a small forest for children to play.

The Complete List of Metro Stations Along Line 2 are as follows:

Suzhou North Railway Station
Fuyuan Lu
Xutu Gang
Yangchenghu Zhonglu
Pinglong Lu Dong
Pinhe Lu
Suzhou Railway Station
Shantang Jie
Guangji Nan Lu
Sanxiang Square
Laodong Lu
Xujiang Lu
Tongji Park
Panli Lu
Xinjia Qiao
Shihu Donglu
BaodaiQiao Nan

Clean Air in the Classroom at Dulwich College Suzhou


Over the past weeks we have seen the air quality (AQI) in Suzhou reach unprecedented levels that have left all of us concerned for the health of our community. AQI levels were already a concern of last year, although nowhere near as high as current levels.

To ensure the health of the children, Dulwich College Suzhou has begun an immediate installation of portable air filtration units in all College classrooms. The first units were installed this weekend in some Ducks classrooms for the benefit of our youngest students and they expect additional units to be installed in the remaining Ducks classrooms in the next few days. Over the next few weeks, units will also be installed in the Junior School and Senior School. Their aim is to ensure that every classroom is equipped with an air purifier.

Dulwich is the first school in this area to take such decisive action to ensure the best possible learning environment for children.

Suzhou Hot Springs


Whats more alluring and comfortable than dipping yourself in a hot spring when the temperature drops dramatically outside? As a kind of naturopathy, different types of hot springs have different functions for the body. It’s one affordable healthy luxury you can enjoy during the chilling winter months.

Being in Jiangsu is such a blessing due to its rich resources and beautiful natural scenery, among which the hot springs lay between the mountains and lie beside the rivers, creating a heaven for the tourists not only to appreciate the scenery, but also experience it and feel it.

The Benefits and Functions of Hot Springs.

Mechanical Functions :- It increases hydrostatic pressure on the body, thus increasing blood circulation and cell oxygenation. The increase in blood flow also helps dissolve and eliminate toxins from the body. Repeated hot spring bathing (especially over a three- to four-week period) can help normalise the functions of the endocrine glands as well as the functioning of the body’s autonomic nervous system.

Temperature Function :- Bathing in hot springs gradually increases the temperature of the body, thus killing harmful germs and viruses. The increased flow of oxygen-rich blood throughout the body brings improved nourishment to vital organs and tissues. It also speeds up body metabolism, including stimulating the secretions of the intestinal tract and the liver, aiding digestion.

Chemical Function :- Trace amounts of minerals such as carbon dioxide, sulphur, calcium, magnesium, and lithium are absorbed by the body and provide healing effects to various body organs and the system as a whole. These healing effects can include stimulation of the immune system, leading to a enhanced immunity; physical and mental relaxation; the production of endorphins; and normalised gland function. Mineral springs contain high amounts of negative ions, which can help promote feelings of physical and psychological well-being.

Physical Function :- The direct application of mineralised thermal waters (especially those containing sulphur) can have a therapeutic effect on diseases of the skin, including psoriasis, dermatitis, and fungal infections. Some of mineral waters are also used to help the healing of wounds and other skin injuries.

Here are some hot spring options available in Suzhou.

Tian Yi Hot Spring – Located in Wangshan Ecological Park, Wuzhong District, surrounded by mountains, it is titled as one of the top ten hot springs in China.

Address: Wangshan Ecological Park, Yuexi Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou.
Tel: 0512-6630-1188

Yishe Hot Spring Suzhou – As an original hot spring, the spring water is extracted from the ground and sent directly to hot spring pools ti make sure the water quality is up to standard and maintains its pure and natural elements. It also has a natural hot mineral spring for medical use.

Address: Linhu Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou, Jiangsu.
Tel: 0512-6629-0888

Yangshan Hot Spring Suzhou. – As one of the most important parts in the Suzhou Yangshan Hot Spring Villa, the hot spring keeps a temperature of 45 degrees and is rich in fluorine, sulphur, boron, silicate, especially good for skin and good health preservation.

Address: No.999 Yangshan Huan Road, Xushu Guan Economic Development Zone, Suzhou.
Tel: 0512-8818-6999

Fishing in Suzhou at the Xiangcheng Eco Park.


The Xiangcheng Eco Park is located in the northwest of Suzhou, close to Suyuzhang Highway. It used to be a 7-square-kilometer mud flat that looked like a wasteland.

However, after reconstruction by the government, it is now one of the favourite places for fishing in Suzhou. The picturesque lake view, the authentic food and the botanical gardens provide everything you need for a sound fishing environment.

Different from other Eco Parks packed with tourists, Xiangcheng Eco Park is more like a well-preserved Utopia separated from the outside world. Pick a weekend and take your family to Xiangcheng Eco Park, enjoying a day of returning to nature. There are no factories around, so when you get there you’ll be greeted by the fresh air and vigorously green trees.

Passing through the various plants along the way is a wonderful experience. The plants here grow in a natural fashion, the exotic kinds and shapes amuse you in a way that you can barely feel when looking at the organised plants in SIP.

There are several fishing platforms stretching into the lake, so each one can have their own space for fishing. Take out the fishing rod, throw the hook with bait into the lake, just sit at the side of the lake and wait for the fish to bite.

Under the shape of prosperous trees, the strong sunlight is diminished through layers of foliage. spoil yourself in this beautiful landscape and relish the valuable moment of leisure, something you deserve after a week’s hard work.

If you are lucky enough to catch a fish, then your lunch is set. The chef at the restaurant can cook the fish for you for a few RMB, and the whole family will be able to enjoy the tasty fruit of your labor. Many people who love fishing tend to come here, because there are plenty of varieties of fish. It is regarded as a high standard Fishing Center in Xiangcheng with a lake area of 226,000 square meters which is pretty impressive.

Talking about hard work, there’s also an ecological green land for you to experience the happiness of being a farmer.

The 100,000 square meter area is planted with loquats, pomegranates, peaches, oranges and other fruits. Go deep down to the gardens, pick your favourite fruit and share them with your family, nothing is sweeter than that.

Time flies when you really enjoy something. In Xiangcheng Eco Park, you never have to worry about food. From fish, vegetables, to fruits almost all that you can think of can be found here, with the advantage of being organic and fresh.

And the “A Qing Sao Food Court” uses the fresh ingredients there to provide customers with an idyllic dining experience. There’re also some people who stay overnight in the home-like hotels to get closer to natural farmland.

Location: Yuanzhong Avenue, Xiangcheng Area, Suzhou.
Entry Fee: 10-15 RMB / 500g Person for fishing.
Open Hours: 8:00am – 4:30pm.
Getting There: Take the bus route 805 or 806 and get off at Xiangcheng Eco Park.

Kids Concept Launched by the Kempinski Hotel Wuxi.


Graded as a 5-star international hotel located in the largest Commercial Square in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, Kempinski Hotel Wuxi has been providing quality service to its customers from around the world.

The 400 stylish rooms, elegant guest rooms indicate not only a large capacity, but a sumptuous living experience. The restaurants packed with a wide range of cuisines from around the world to cater for every customer’s special taste.

With a comfortable atmosphere that feels like home and the broad platform for business activities, Kempinski Hotel is not a symbol for luxury and high class.

As a grand brand hotel with a long history, Kempinski Hotel Wuxi is endowed with a rich tradition of genuine hotel services, such as a limousine service, business centre, providing city tours and so on. In addition, in order to better meet the requirements of different customers, Kempinski Hotel Wuxi also adjusts itself to the fast-changing times, as well as focusing on every small detail that matters to the customers.

Since more and more parents are willing to take their children out for a meaningful, fun weekend or holiday, there’s been a shortage of special services for children in most hotels. Kempinski Hotel believes that every child is the master of the future, whose needs cannot be ignored either.

So in Suzhou, Kempinski Hotel first launched the Kids Concept to provide customized services to their little guests, and this turned out to be a huge success. Now Kempinski Hotel Wuxi carried on the Kids Concept to offer more convenient and fun services to the children on a larger basis.

The new ideas is to offer a more family-orientated environment to its guests, shifting from its business and corporate image during the workdays, to a more leisurely atmosphere over the weekends and public holidays.

What’s so special about this Kids Concept? Here, your children will be treated as prince and princess, fulfilling their every need. Just take the check-in counter for example. It’s amusing to see a small step attached to it, which allows the little ones to climb up and fill in their own registration card.

By doing so, they’ll be given a passport to open the magic gate of wonder in Kempinski Hotel Wuxi. Collecting and winning surprise gifts at the end of adventure engages the curious nature of the child guests and encourages them to explore Kempinski for fun. During the exploration, they can take a rest by enjoying the dedicated buffet for children at Cafe Berlin, even with a menu designed especially for the little ones.

Kempinski knows what children want and how to make them happy by offering numerous options, like The Kids Club where children can make crafts and apply their imagination and creativity, read a rich selection of children’s books or watch cartoons. The recreational area is a paradise for the little angels, since fun and happiness is always the major theme in children’s life. What’s more, for birthday boys or girls, there will be mysterious gifts sent directly to their rooms together with a customised cake and a birthday card. Their expression of surprise and their innocence and heart-felt genuineness will be reward enough.

That is why Kempinski has enjoyed such a sound reputation for so many years and is still expanding to serve more guests worldwide. Because of the care and thoughtfulness, the concept if making every need of the guests a priority, and the detail-orientated attitude, Kempinski Hotel is devoted to cover every aspect of their guest’s life, from business to family, and it is still working hard on offering more to make people’s stay in Kempinski a memorable experience.

To book or for further information visit: http://www.kempinski.com/wuxi

Yolanda Belly Dance & Yoga in Suzhou.


Talking about keeping fit, how can we leave out dancing ? Though a whole year in preparation, Yolanda Belly Dance & Yoga has finally opened in Suzhou.

Located at the Northeast corner of the crossing composed by Xindai avenue and Xinghai Street. Yolanda Belly Dance & Yoga enjoys a favourable location. The owner Yolanda has been dancing since she was six years old. In the hope of providing more time and space for women to relax and enjoy themselves, Yolanda opened this club to encourage every woman to have some time of her own and get some good exercise through dancing, which is not simply a way to strengthen your muscles, but also an effective way to cleanse your body, improve digestion and lose weight.

There is also a nail saloon inside the club to keep your nails shining.

Yolanda Belly Dance & Yoga is the first club along the street that provides customers with professional belly dance and yoga in SIP. With its teaching concept of professional, focused and dedicated, Yolanda promotes health as well as beauty.

The Belly Dance is especially good for women’s health, not to mention it’s easy to learn even for one who has never danced before. It’s fun and sexy. Dance to the mysterious rhythms, feel your body move, and slowly build up your confidence.

iClub Suzhou Wellness Center.


Located at the SISPARK in SIP, iClub Suzhou wellness center has created a fitness culture environment since its foundation in 2008, As a high end fitness club, iClub is devoted to providing a fashionable quality experience to members.

The concept “Wellness” is composed of a health body, vigorous energy and happiness.

When your body is in good condition, you can do whatever you like and won’t be exhausted. When you are able to endure the daily stresses of life, literally nothing can knock you down. When dining is for pleasure and health instead of for losing weight, when working out has become a routine for you, congratulations! You have achieved “Wellness”. It is understandable that people nowadays don’t have enough time for themselves, because family and work are what you’ve been focusing on. iClub wants you to know about “iCare”. Either from the interior decor designed by an Italian designer or the spacious area of 4300m3, iClub is dedicated to creating a cozy and comfortable environment for each member to fully release their tension. In the iGym area, all the up-to-date equipment is imported from Italy, knowing that better quality helps members achieve their goals effectively.

The ergonomic design and multi-functioning machinery makes sports fun and easier.

Fencing & Pilates
iClub is the first club to have fencing in Suzhou, a tense, compelling sport of wits and technique. In the bright room, there are two pistes with a length of 14 meters and a width of 1.6 meters up to international standard.

Protective clothing is provided to guarantee your safety. The members can enjoy the gentlemen’s game that combines entertainment and sports. The professional coach, experienced in teaching new students, has a way of making the boring theories interesting. And what fencing can teach you is more than any other sports. Apart from that iClub is also the first one to have a Pilates bed, which can help you complete hundreds of exercises that strengthen different parts of the body. You may adjust the level of difficulty according to your own condition on the pilates bed. In the meantime, the Pilates special bed makes it easier for learners to do exercises properly, The springs in the bed enhance the way the muscles are worked to achieve the effect of shape-building.

iClub believes that beauty is as important as health. A healthy body is necessary, while beautiful skin and a remarkable aura are also essential factors for perfection. At iClub, women can be treated to a SPA, a mysterious approach from European nobles to alleviate stress and rejuvenate the spirit. iSpa is a private area for women, featuring elegance and tranquility. Equipped with cutting-edge beauty facilities. iSpa will bring you silky skin an the ideal body shape you long for. The natural, pure environmentally friendly products iSpa apply are top quality. Smooth and shiny skin is no longer a dream since iSpa will take care of every detail that contributes to a beautiful body.

With its own parking lot, you can simply come to iClub to relax, meet friends and experience our concept “Wellness” by yourself.

Add: 3/F, 4 International Science & Technology Park, 1355 Jinji Lake Ave, SIP.

Live-CS Paintballing in Suzhou


Want to have an unconventional way of exercising? You can find it in Paintball. The Paintball selected Xiangxuehai as its shooting range. With first-class live-cs field battle equipment and professional coaches, you can expose yourself in the thrilling simulated environment and embark on an adventure at various sites. As the largest scale Live-CS outdoor sports services supplier in Suzhou, Paintball assures you a spacious field and the top facilities you need for an exciting battle.

Different from other sports that only exercises your muscles, Live-CS is an effective way for you to practice strategy and tactical thinking. Many companies organize outings for their staff here to improve teamwork. It also challenges the leaders’ ability, where you can all your team members following your command. However, one mistake might get your people “killed”, Maybe you’ll regard it as a stressful game that only makes people nervous. Actually it’s a special way of letting off steam because you are supposed to be fully focused on the battle. Then as soon as the battle is over, you’ll feel totally relived, bringing you an intense sense of relaxation. The entrance fee for paintball is RMB50 / person and RMB2 bullet ( at-least 50 bullets ) which include all fees for the coaches, equipment, clothing and accident insurance, So not a bad deal, huh?

Whats more, there’s another Guns Club in Suzhou that belongs to the same company where you can shoot with real guns. Standard multi-functional shooting ranges with professional coaches, the Guns club provides target shooting with real guns and bullets for its members.

Live-CS Paintball Add: Yan Ling, Xingxue Temple, Guangfu Town, Wuzhong District.
Guns Club Add: 3051 Xinhuan Lu, Suzhou.

The TipTop Club Gym, Tennis, Swimming & Basketball in Suzhou.


Theres a quiet elegant garden club overlooking Jinji Lake in SIP – The Tiptop club. Equipped with an international standard gym, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court and so on, the Tiptop Club is an ideal place for people of all ages to work out. For each exercise there’s a coach instructing you how to do it properly, which can guarantee not only the practice you need, but also minimizes injuries.

Finally, you can take off the heavy overcoat and put on your sportswear to burn calories and fight fat. Pick a sunny day and come to the Tiptop club to work up a sweat, jumping and running as you like in the tennis court. Surrounded by green trees, you will feel the refreshment simply by breathing. For men who want to have a good time with your buddies, the basketball court is inviting you to have fun together. When the excitement of game hits you, it doesn’t matter if your goal shooting is good or bad. The badminton court is where you can take part in the hot sport here. Even for VIP customers, reservations are still required.

Although the Tiptop Club is not a huge place, you’ll be amazed by the complete lineup of top class facilities. Professional people and expats love to come here because of its fashionable environment with enough private space. They tend to indulge themselves in the gym, and focus on high intensity exercise working with the strong beat of the music to relive the stress. But that’s not the only way of building up. No.50 Chamber is a relaxing place for you to enjoy an easy day. When we are out and about, the fast city beat forces you to keep moving, but in here, you are free to slow down, giving yourself a moment for meditation. Actually, doing exercise is not only for keeping fit, but promotes a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude.

Among the various indoor sports, cycle spinning, a unique stationary cycling program is the most popular. The spinning class integrates music and visual effects to create a special sporting experience for customers. By conquering any shortage that the outdoor cycling may have with advanced technology, the spinning has become an aerobic exercise for people aged from 15 to 50. But due to the flashing lights and loud music, people who go there are mostly 20 to 35 years old. Spinning can help enhance the strength of your legs and pretty up the leg shape.

Doing aerobic exercise in water is taking on here, and has won the favour of many women. In water up to your waist, dancing to the music is indeed as romantic as it looks, just like a fairy in the water. The bonus is you can get your body exercised and your mind relaxed at the same time, even though you may not know how to swim.

Furthermore, the newly opened classes of Wushu (Chinese martial arts), Ballet and Latin may enrich your life even more.

Tiptop club is also very considerate of parents with children. When you want to work out by yourself, you can simply send your children to the graffiti room where imagination and creativity are fully appreciated. for those who love reading, all kinds of magazines and newspapers in the reading room can meet different requirements of the members. For those movie and music fans, there’s also a place for you to fully relax and enjoy a good movie or listen to music. Instead of solely emphasizing exercising, the Tiptop Club promotes more of a leisure and health attitude towards live.

Address: Marina Cove Garden, No.1 West Zhongxin Ave, SIP.
Tel: 0512-6936-6668

Horse Riding in Suzhou at Suzhou Cherry Blossom Horse-Riding Club.


For those who are looking for a different kind of sport that a gym cannot offer, the Suzhou Cherry Blossom Horse-Riding Club may be the right place to go. Suzhou Cherry Blossom Horse-Riding is located at the White Horse Brook scenic spot in SND, which means fresh air and beautiful scenery.

The picturesque surroundings and convenient location make it the No.1 horse-riding place in East China. As a member of the China Horse-Riding Association, Cherry Blossom Horse Riding Club has a professional staff of 30, many of whom have won national competitions. There’re about 100 horses in the club, all well-bred and well-trained. On the special riding trail, you are allowed to tour around on horseback and take photos. If you think it’s not exciting enough, just look around, the Tank Mountain, Tianchi Mountain, White Horse Brook or Lingyan Mountain… There are plenty of riding routes for you to experience the surge of adrenaline.

If it said that riding a horse for ten minutes is like having one thousand massages. Riding a horse for half an hour is like being involved in a fierce basketball game. Such a calorie-burning sport is very popular now. It doesn’t matter if you can ride a horse or not, as long as you come here, everyone can enjoy the fun of riding. There are also activities for beginners and children with a coach leading the horse to keep you safe. So you can just sit on the horse and let him be led around gently. It’s not a race, but a new approach to a health and upward lifestyle. One the other hand, those skilful riders, you are free to enjoy the passion and speed with other riders.

But Cherry Blossom Horse-Riding Club is more than a place to ride a horse. You can take a rest in the Mongolian yurt or have some tea in the tea house. Feel hungry after a long ride? Come and have some barbecue in the open air. Want to have a get-together with your friends who are also interested in horse riding? The beer and music party is the best occasion for you to enhance your friendship. What’s better than having a leisurely moment after the excitement? Whether you are alone or with your friends or lover, the Cherry Blossom Horse-Riding Club can be your top choice to have a different fun weekend. For families, it provides you with everything you need for quality time together.

What should you wear when riding a horse?
Its getting warmer day by day, so for a strenuous sport like horse-riding a long-sleeve T-shirt with a light jacket is good enough. Don’t assume that you might feel cold riding against the wind, it won’t be long before you work up a sweat. So a heavy coat is not necessary. Remember to wear gloves, for the reins can be a bit hard on the hands, For women, please don’t wear skirts of high-heels. Normally a pair of jeans is simply enough. Or you can buy a pair of riding boots, which will make you look sharp, and more importantly, is convenient for horse-riding. There are a lot of people who are armed to the teeth.

What should you pay attention to when horse riding?
When you first begin riding you will feel awkward and unbalanced. You may feel unable to make your body parts do the things that are supposed to at the same time. You may be using muscles not familiar with the job you are asking. It’s common for beginners. The key is to follow the coach’s instructions and practice. Don’t panic or your horse might feel it and get fidgety too, which is not a good thing.

How to ride safely?
The horses in our club are reasonable well schooled and obedient. And we’ll arrange a coach for the beginner. so your horse-riding is under supervision so you don’t have to worry about falling off the horse. A reminder here, don’t walk behind a horse in case you get kicked. Or course it may kill some fun at first compared to free riding, but horse-riding is a sport that requires practice. When you are accustomed to being on a horse then will come the time for you to learn more advanced skills. So just be patient.

Whats the price for horse riding?
It’s based on the route you choose. For short routes, we ride along the dragon pond, it’s about RMB100 /20-30mins for a medium route, we’re going to ride towards Tianchi Mountain, the trip takes over an hour and the price for that is RMB180; for a long route normally led by an experienced coach who can speak English we ride up the mountain, and thats RMB 240 for over 2 hours. And we have even longer treks where the prices vary. On weekends, we have barbecues, picking strawberries, a campfire and so on, all of which needs to be booked in advance. Sometimes, we will organize activities in other cities to explore more interesting place for horse-riding, We welcome everyone who loves adventure and wants to have a wonderful experience.

Address: White Horse Brook EcoPark (1km meters west to the gate) SND.
Tel: 13338668851